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These items are made-to-measure in any tartan of your choice. Accordingly this usually takes something in the region of eight weeks to do - give or take a couple of weeks depending on seasonal demand. We cannot, however, make military trews for those who have a seat measurement of over 42 inches due to difficulties in keeping the tartan sett straight as proper military trews do not have side seams.

We are very happy to take bespoke orders for our larger customers and can make tartan trousers with a fishtail back or with any pocketing arrangement desired. We can also make them with or without belt loops or pleats in order to give them the look of traditional trews

Whatever your needs our tailors will always be happy to do their level best to accommodate you with a product that is made here in Scotland to our very high standards

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Mackenzie Frain Traditional `Fishtailed` Military Trews


Casual or Formal Tartan Trousers


 Products in this category: 2 (showing products: 1 to 2 )

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