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H E I R L O O M 
Sgian Dubhs

We sometimes make Heirloom Sgian Dubh knives for stock but often they are made to order matching your individual requirements. Since each is a work of art, there are no standard prices - as the blade comes to life, we will be able to settle on a price.

As a guide, Heirloom Sgian Dubh prices usually range between 1,800.00 and 3,200.00 depending on the materials used, the type of blade, the precious stones and any other relevant factors.

These pages show a combination of items that are currently available and a few past examples. If you'd like to make a special order, please let us know your requirements via the
contact page.

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Fossilised Walrus Tusk Sgian Dubh


Bog Oak, Skye marble, sterling silver, steel and wood


Lapis, sterling silver, ebony and diamonds


 Products in this category: 3 (showing products: 1 to 3 )

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