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Highland Wear Traditional and Contemporary Kilts & Fly Plaids - TRADITIONAL 8 YARD KILT - machine stitiched

-  M A C H I N E   S T I T C H E D  -
Traditional Kilts

These machine stitched Traditional Kilts that we offer here are made from exactly the same proper worsted tartan kiltmaking fabrics as our handmade kilts but due to the fact tthat they can be made more quickly they can be brought to you at a very affordable price.

They are made here in Scotland as 8 yard kilts and you can be sure that they are extremely well put together. They are fully canvas lined and normally take between four-to-six weeks to make. However, if your needs are more urgent or if you are having any difficulty with finding your tartan then just give us a call on our Helpline and we'll do all that we can to accommodate you.

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Made-to Measure 16oz HEAVYWEIGHT machine stitched kilt 349.99 +vat


 Products in this category: 1 (showing products: 1 to 1 )

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