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Please Note: 5th January 2011

Due to sharply escalating silver prices, these and any other similar silver products will be quoted on per individual enquiry.

The Large Four Strand wedding band is available in a range of precious metals including platinum gold and sterling silver plus two bi-colour options which combine either two shades of 18 carat gold or platinum with 18 carat gold at the following prices:

Sterling Silver: £120.00
9kt Rose Gold: £358.00
14kt Gold: £537.00
18kt Gold: £634.00
2 Tone 18kt Gold: £784.00
Platinum/18kt Gold: £1074.00
Platinum: £1074.00

We need to know the ring size of the finger for which this ring is intended to fit. If you do not know what size this is your local jeweller should be able to give you this information.

Handmade in Scotland

VAT will be applicable on all purchases made within the EU
Price: £120.00





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